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Hitaishi Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

Haitaishi Publishers (Pvt.) Limited is a leading publishing company of academic/scholastic books in varius streams guided by its motto - publishing to make a defference . It is based in New Delhi and enjoys more than two dacades of steady growth. It has built a strong reputation for its publications on all fronts. We believe in creating books thats are Indian in essence and global in appeal. We wish to disseminate knowledge and create a bridge between the source and the sink of intelligence , taking seekers along untrodden path. We welcome you to be a part of this process.

This publication has become possible only due to the vision of one man Late Sh. Manage Ram Garg 'Hitaishi' whose courage and mission to accomplish his cherished dream of 'betterment of future generation' has come up in the shape of this company.


Books for Kindergarten, primery to higher classes in Hindi and English mediums.

Lab Manuals/ Practical Note Books for 6th to 12th classes on various subjects.

Grammer for English, Hindi, and Sanskrit up to Sec. classes.

B.Ed., D.Ed., Polytechnic books for varius universities.

Entrance Test Guides for B.Ed., D.Ed., STET, Navodaya, etc

T E A M   O F

Our Authors are the best in their fields. Our manuscripts are tenderly nurtured by the eminent editors and our proofs are comprehensively tested for quality. Our in - house production center froms the backdone of our quality control system.


Our distribution network has the widest reaches in india , operating under experienced General Manager(MKt.), area Managers and sales Executive who are working in all states, supported by our dealers at all the metros & distinct levels.

S C H O O L S & C O L L E G E S

Our titles have been recommended in many Public and Govt. Schools & Colleges. All the books on various subjects are very popular among the students.